Real Estate

How About We Put The Horse Before The Cart?

I’ve posted about this before, but here we go again (because it is needed)… I’ve had two calls this week from potential home buyers wanting to see houses without being preapproved for a mortgage. One was extremely nasty to me and hung up when I would not meet her at a house that she wanted to see after she flat out refused to speak to a loan officer. A few things, 1.) I do not know you. You are just a voice on the other end of the line. You could be ANYONE with ANY INTENTION. ((This isn’t the Andy Griffith Show and we aren’t in Mayberry. Have you watched the news in the last couple of decades?)) 2.) Even if I did know you, I do not know your finances. WHY IN THE WORLD would you be shopping for a home without knowing: a.) If you can even borrow the money and b.) If you are able to afford the price of the home? I will never be able to wrap my head around this phenomenon because IT MAKES NO SENSE. This is putting the cart before the horse. It’s always the same old song and dance too. “I’m waiting to get prequalified because I do not want to have my credit ran until I find the home I want”. Maybe you’ve gone online and used some type of credit analyzer or mortgage calculator? Doing that should not convince you that you qualify for a mortgage and it surely won’t convince me or my Seller client that you qualify (and you kind of want to convince us). I have seen people driving Mercedes with horrible credit scores and no chance of qualifying anytime soon and people driving 30 year old daily beaters with perfect credit. I’ve seen 800 credit scores not qualify due to DTI issues among other things. I’ve been surprised with low credit scores on older, more established people and by high ones on 19 & 20 years olds. The bottom line is that you only prequalify when the loan officer shows me the money… err… the prequalification letter. I make no apologies… I refuse to put my seller client through the trouble of making sure the house is show ready, packing up their kids, interrupting quality time with the spouse, getting their hopes up, etc., only to find out later that you can’t even buy the house OR you qualify for much less than list price. Even IF the home is vacant, have I mentioned that I DO NOT KNOW YOU? Further, the time I would have spent with you is time I could have spent with a buyer who is READY, WILLING, AND ABLE to purchase or time I could have spent marketing my Seller’s home or with my own family. It is a waste of everyone’s time, including yours. Sure, there are real estate agents out there who WILL show you homes without making sure you are able to purchase. I’m not “that” agent and I don’t know about you, but it make me a little nervous to think that my representation would ALSO put the cart before the horse. You should know that when “that” agent shows you my listing, my Seller’s home WILL NOT BE COMING OFF OF THE MARKET without providing proof of funds. Sure you can view the home with “that” agent, then contact the loan officer, and submit your offer later, but you better hope another READY, WILLING, and ABLE buyer doesn’t come along in the meantime with an acceptable offer and I assure you all the while you are operating on hope and a prayer, I’m working diligently to bring that serious buyer into my client’s home and SELL IT. Reputable agents do not waste their time or gasoline on a hope and a prayer when it comes to knowing whether or not our buyers qualify. If you see a buyer with me, rest assured; THEY ARE ROCK SOLID! Do yourself a favor and get prequalified. Otherwise, no one is going to take you seriously and that is the last thing you need to be viewed as when you’re about to negotiate the biggest purchase of your life. I am willing to work with you to get you prequalified, walk you through the crazy maze of buying a home, and take you straight to the closing table…if you let me. You want to buy a home? Well, I want to sell a home. Let’s make it happen! (803)-944-9544. In contrast, if you just want to view homes, we are looking for salesmen all the time! I can help you with that too!

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