Not All Realtors Are The Same. Don’t Find Out The Hard Way.

In 2009 I was at a Realtor function at Travina’s in Lexington. I had just gotten licensed and was trying to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible. Anywho, an attractive older lady approached me, introduced herself and asked me how long I had been in business. I already knew what her reaction would be, since EVERYONE asked me if I was “ok” and didn’t I know I’d make more money being a real estate paralegal (the profession I had abandoned) . And, honey… do you know what the economy is doing? How was I to know what the economy was doing working for a closing attorney, then a foreclosure attorney, then a closing attorney again?? (insert sarcastic eye roll)

She indeed had the same reaction that most folks did, except this lady followed up with, “oh darling… you should have been a real estate agent when you were a paralegal. I made a KILLING and I didn’t even know what I was doing… I still don’t know what I was doing”. Then she laughed what was quite possibly the most evil laugh I think I’ve ever heard. I never, ever wanted to be that lady and for the life of me I don’t know why anyone would.

The point of this post is this: the market is hot right now….. HIDE YO’ WIFE, HIDE YO’ KIDS! No, seriously, please make sure you have adequate representation. Everyone is flocking to real estate school then popping up big, fancy signs… leading you to believe they actually know what they’re doing. The things I learned as a paralegal are not taught in real estate school. How to negotiate is not taught in real estate school. Marketing is not taught in real estate school. SO, so much more is not taught in real estate school. There are deadlines in contracts that you need to know about. If your agent doesn’t know, how will you? My job lately has been kind of nightmarish and many of my colleagues are feeling the pain. I feel horrible for the clients of these agents, but my job is to represent my client. Please do your homework. Real estate is an expensive buy. You owe it to yourself to have adequate representation. As for me, I’ll just stick around until the economy falls again (and it will) because that is when they all jump out. Fact.         Rant over.noneofmybusiness

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