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A few weeks ago while showing houses on Lake Murray, and after the last scheduled showing, my buyers informed me of a house they saw that was For Sale By Owner just around the corner. I offered to follow them (and did) so that I could jot the phone number down to call the owner later, but was pleasantly surprised to see him standing in the yard.

I asked him (through my car window) basic questions about the home and he was accommodating, so I asked if he would mind if we peeked inside. He obliged.

He rattled on about the home’s history and I couldn’t get a word in edgewise, so I just listened. Just before he cracked the door open, he said, “Yeah. I’m selling it myself. I don’t need no realtor. I’m not using no realtor and I ain’t paying no realtor”. I thought it only appropriate that if I wasn’t able to speak, that I at least hand him a business card, so I did. He looked me square in the eyes and said, “I can sell titties to a cow”!!! I thought I’d die! If that wasn’t funny enough, my buyer nudged me and said, “Hope, you should have that placed on your business cards”! She was kidding of course.

I didn’t expect the comical older gentleman to “sell titties to a cow”, just his home to my clients. Overpriced and out of touch. I put forth a very strong offer the following day in which he, (being the “tittie seller” that he is), rejected. His home remains on the market and my clients are scheduled to close on their Lake Murray home in just a few short weeks. We found the home they contracted on in the Multiple Listing Service. It was priced appropriately and show ready.

I could write a book on why you shouldn’t attempt selling your property without a Realtor, but I will simply close with this, the longer you sit on it, the more money you lose. Be nice to Real Estate Sales Professionals. Even if you choose to sell your property yourself, it highly likely that your buyer will bring their own Realtor to the table. Price it right. No one is going to pay more than a property is worth, and by all means DO NOT tell your potential buyer that you can “sell titties to a cow”! 😀

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He Said He Can Sell “Titties to A Cow”